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We can transcribe and translate audio and visual recordings so you have a written record.

Our standard service starts with a transcription of conversation only, or it can include timestamps and other sounds such as people coughing or laughing or exterior noises, etc.

Translating the Transcript

Once the text has been transcribed we can translate it into the language you need.

For example, if you have the transcript of a presentation in French that you need your English-speaking colleagues to fully understand, or vice versa, you may wish to translate it so they fully understand the content.

In legal settings, it is often advisable to have the transcript of a dual-language conversation translated by a third party, if you have used an interpreter or a bilingual colleague to interpret and you need to verify the quality.

We provide transcriptions and translations in the following scenarios:
  • Dual-language police or solicitor interview tapes (where an interpreter was used)
  • Video soundtracks (for voice-over or subtitling purposes)
  • Radio interviews
  • Business presentations
  • Meeting Q&A sessions


Whether or not your client or colleague speaks your language competently, you will look more professional and accommodating if you provide an interpreter, so you can both can concentrate on the business at hand rather than struggling for the right words. You can also be reassured no detail is lost or misunderstood.

We offer two types of interpreting:

  • Consecutive – the speaker talks for a short phrase then pauses for the interpreter to translate
  • Simultaneous – the speaker talks while the interpreter whispers the translation continually to the listener.

Our interpreters are qualified and vetted for each job and abide by the professional code of ethics to ensure they remain unbiased in each job. They speak in the first person and will explain any cultural differences, to ensure communication runs smoothly.

Face-to-face and telephone interpreting for:
  • Company meetings
  • Factory visits
  • Exhibitions
  • Product launches
  • Formal and informal client or delegate visits
  • Interviews

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