Sales & Marketing Case Study

Toy company's
autumn-winter product range

Our Spanish client, needed the latest edition of their online product brochure translated into English, so that they could continue to expand into an international market.

They sell products in the children’s toys and education category, and they have a very distinctive brand identity in Spain.


The English product descriptions and photograph captions needed to stay on brand, while also maintaining the client’s SEO keyword count, and fitting into their existing layout.

The text contained creative copy on the products but also technical data on safety standards and operating instructions.


The client’s domestic marketing department had a detailed style guide for the type of language that should be used for each range, and the emotional responses (and therefore buying behaviour) they were expecting to prompt from each.

We familiarised ourselves with the style guide and gained access to their previous product brochures, so we could begin to plan for the correct language choices in English. We even read their internal sales training manuals for reference.

We were able to highlight a number of examples where particular references wouldn’t have the same impact on an international market as the Spanish (for example regarding gifts from the Three Kings in January rather than Father Christmas in December).

This meant the client could re-purpose those sections and use different visuals. We were also able to point out when the physical layout would change due to the difference in the length of words and phrases in each language.


The client’s seasonal range was a success and they were able to expand into further markets. They sold new franchises in Ireland and Eastern Europe, and continued to plan for their 2020 vision.

We continued to work with them on further seasons’ ranges, and they also asked us to translate some of their members’ club online content.