Manufacturing Case Study

Fire-fighting vehicle
for Fawley refinery

We worked with Iturri S.A., a Spanish PPE manufacturer and distributor, building a relationship with an English refinery who would perform additional processes on the product in-house, before using it in their own production facility.

Our client invited the end customer to their Spanish sites in Seville and Utrera, and we interpreted in person for them between Spanish and English during their visit around the production shop floor and then at various formal and informal meetings to discuss sales terms.

We accompanied them again when our Spanish client was in turn invited to the end client’s facility in Fawley, UK. Once we were back in our own office, we translated the minutes of each meeting and collated the list of follow up points for each party in their languages. We were tasked with informally translating a number of email communications following the visits until, months later in the process, we assisted with the translation of their official contract of agreement and terms and conditions.


As well as accurately conveying the correct terminology, we had to make sure each side understood the cultural differences and expectations of each site during their visits.

Each element of the vehicle was highly technical and involved close reading of the necessary standards and regulations. Any delays by us could mean a delay to the rollout of the vehicles and their use on site.


Our client sold their vehicle to their UK client and signed a service agreement for its maintenance. They subsequently negotiated the manufacture and sale of 2 further vehicles.

Having heard about the vehicle and visited the facilities to see it for themselves, a private airfield also commissioned a number of similar specialist vehicles for their site.