Legal Case Study

SCD7 Serious and
Organised Crime

We worked with the UK police division SCD7 Serious and Organised Crime (now Specialist Crime and Operations) on a large international drugs case involving witnesses and defendants across countries including the UK, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain and the Netherlands.

  • Transcribed and translated 725 hours’ worth of pre-recorded police interviews of a key Spanish-speaking witness, held with a rotating team of 3 Spanish-English interpreters.
  • Regularly liaised with the liaison-appointed interpreter to clarify certain parts of the interviews
  • Translated Letters Rogatory for the Spanish authorities regarding requests for disclosure of evidence
  • Translated bank statements and company documents to support the case-building phase of money laundering charges


Aspects of the case were live at the time of our work, and so we signed NDAs and we were security vetted. Data was transferred in person and signed for between us and the relevant law enforcement officer.

Much of the vocabulary used by the individuals was in slang and deliberately obscure code, so we liaised closely with our fellow linguists and the relevant case officers to ensure we understood the references and our translations matched their core data.


The element of the case in which we were most involved was heard at the UK’s Old Bailey, resulting in multiple convictions and the placement of at least one individual into witness protection.

Our translator was thanked by the Metropolitan Police for her professionalism and diligence in helping them build their case.